Watch our story about the DIX River…

dix riverPaddle downstream with Carrie as she reveals the unidentified history and secrets of the Dix River or what is also known as “the artery into the heart of Kentucky life.” Dix River covers several counties around the Bluegrass State. This charming river holds many uses. Today it’s commonly used for entertaining activities for family and friends.



main_1These activities include the thrilling joys of water sports, fly fishing, and other adventurous recreations. Enjoy the calming waters and pleasant scenery of Dix River as Carrie guides us to the Farmers Market and Wilderness Trail Distillery. The Farmers market is located downtown in Willmore, KY. Listen as they talk about the various goods sold there! Join us as we stop at Kentucky High Bridge and learn about Kentucky artist Paul Sawyier, who is responsible for painting the High Bridge. Next stop is Wilderness Trail Distillery in Danville, KY.  Before we go, make sure to catch Carrie’s handy tips needed for paddling downstream towards the Dix River Dam.

dixie bell



Find out what major influencer and historical figure played a role in the exploration of the Dix River. Sit tight, as Carrie delivers more compelling uses of the rivers current and past time!

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