Underwriting Opportunities: Downstream

Kentucky Film Incentives:

– Ask about a $2500.00 Rebate on your sponsorship while available and up to 50% in state matching marketing funds for local tourism.

Series Presenting Sponsor:

  • Featured Recognition on all episodes, up to 8 episodes.
  • Receive ALL benefits listed below including first right of refusal to host an episode premiere.
  • Up To :15 second underwriter video mention on each broadcast show and each digital online segment

Episode Presenting Sponsor:

  • Featured Recognition on a single episode.
  • Receive benefits (1-6) listed below and second right of refusal to host episode premiere.
  • Up To :15 second underwriter video mention on each broadcast show and each digital online segment

Segment Sponsorship:

  • Featured Recognition on a single segment.
  • Receive benefits (1-5) listed below.
  • Logo or Entity Name inclusion on each broadcast show and each digital online segment

Individual Sponsorship:

– Receive benefits (2,3,4,5) listed below.

Educational Television Sponsorship Underwriting Opportunities Benefits:

  1. Television Underwriting Sponsor branding recognition at the beginning and/or conclusion of each DOWNSTREAM television episode.
  2. Web Exposure: Your linked logo appears prominently on the featured agency page of liquidkentucky.com.
  3. Online Broadcast Sponsorship: Your sponsor branding will appear on all on-demand web channels including VimeoYoutube and the liquidkentucky.com website in rotation with other sponsors.
  4. Branded Social Media Exposure: Recognitions of your company’s support via our social media channels.
  5. Video Segment: Featured nonprofit segment will be provided in a digital HD format for further promotion.
  6. DVD: Branding/sponsor logo included on DVD for featured episdoe.
  7. Option to host new episode premiere event in advance of television airing.
  8. Swag Branding: may be included on t-shirts, posters, bumper stickers, etc. (timing dependent)

*Segment sponsorships less than $2000 may not guarantee inclusion on the broadcast programming as we are limited to how many sponsors we are able to include per FCC regulations (see item 1). Sponsorships of $500 – $1999 will enjoy benefits ( 2, 3, 4, 5)

Underwriting FAQ

1. All entities contributing to a program/series on public television must be acknowledged. Those who contribute financially, by providing funds for the production, are called program
underwriters. The FCC requires that they be identified in relation to the programs funded.
2. The purpose of underwriter credits is to identify the entities that have provided funding for the production. Identification is limited to name, location, and business purpose. Established corporate slogans may be used to identify the funder.
3. The entity identified as the underwriter must be the actual contributing entity.

4. Underwriters must be identified at the conclusion of a program. Underwriters may be identified at the beginning of a program as well. If the program’s content is controversial, the underwriters must be identified at both the open and the close of the program.
5. Underwriters are not identified in the program production credits.
6. Underwriters may not receive a “special thanks” credit. “Special Thanks,” which are part of the production credits, are reserved for those who provided in-kind goods and/or services, not program funding.
7. When one underwriter is identified, all must be identified, in an “underwriter pod,” separate and distinct in style from the program’s production credits.

8. By and large, all entities underwriting a series must appear on all episodes of the season they are underwriting.
9. The underwriting announcements (aka “the pod”) may not exceed one
minute (1:00).
10. You may acknowledge as many underwriters in one minute as will comfortably fit, but no single underwriter’s credit may exceed fifteen seconds (0:15).
11. No underwriter should exceed 20 words past “this program is made
possible by X.”

12. An underwriter credit may not contain qualitative claims, calls to action, comparisons, pricing information, or any other language that is deemed promotional.
13. A product manufactured by an underwriter may be mentioned once at the head of the underwriter, immediately following identification (example: WidgetCo, maker of Widgets). The brand name may not be repeated.
14. No more than five products or services may be mentioned or listed (example: SewCo, makers of yarn, thread, patterns, needles, and thimbles).
15. The use of people in underwriter credits is strictly regulated by the FCC. Consult with us before including any underwriter credit featuring people.
16. An underwriter credit may not feature a sung jingle. Music is allowable; music with words is not.
17. Slogans that contain calls for action, qualitative claims, pricing information, or other objectionable language are not allowable even if they are established. (Example: “Get Met—it pays,” even though well established as a slogan for the Metropolitan Life insurance company, is not allowed because it is a call for action.)
18. Product placement, or the perception of product placement, must be avoided.
19. “Pay-for-play” arrangements—i.e., featuring a location, product, or service in exchange for production funding—are forbidden.